Potrero John Trail, Ojai

Potrero John Trail

Made memorable by singing birds and a running creek, this trail is full of life.  Blooming California Lilac (Ceanothus), lizards, a Pacific rattler, wildflowers, Poison Oak, stink bugs, and chipmunks may all be spotted in one afternoon.  The first mile is mildly uphill, and meanders back and forth across the creek.  Initially in a canyon, the trail opens up after a mile, or so, where overnight camping spots can be found.  In all, this trail totals about four miles, round trip, and is a worthy way to spend a day.


Finding the Trailhead

To find the Potrero John Trail, drive Ojai’s Highway 33 into the Los Padres National Forest, past Rose Valley Campground.  If you recognize the Sespe Wall rock climbing area, start looking for the Potrero John Trail on the right side of the highway.  The trailhead is at a bridge and about 21 miles from the town of Ojai. Parking for the trail is limited to a couple of spots directly at the trail head, and a few spots in a narrow pullout up the road on the other side of the highway.




On the way home from hiking, make a stop at Boccali’s for pasta & pizza.  If you hit strawberry shortcake season, all the better.  Boccali’s has two locations.  One in Ojai and one Oakview. See, you are covered, whichever direction you are headed.




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