Twin Lakes, Bridgeport

Bridgeport is a small Eastern Sierra town on highway 395 north of Mono Lake.   This area  is frequented by mountaineers, climbers, backpackers, anglers, hikers, boaters, mountain bikers, and campers. Ten miles from the actual town of Bridgeport, towards the Sierra Nevada mountains, Twin Lakes proper is adjacent to Mono Village which has a boat marina, small general store and gift shop, ice cream truck, and private campground.


Ample forest service campgrounds surround Twin Lakes, Bridgeport, and are a short drive to the lakes.  The private campground located within Mono Village at the far end of Twin Lakes, is quite large and includes sites with RV hookups and a separate section for “dry camping.”  It looks like visitors to this area settle in for the long term.  There are some serious set-ups erected, complete with twirling statues and multiple rugs.  The dry camping section provides trashcans, bear boxes, and picnic tables, but no bathrooms.  It’s a short-ish walk to flush toilets, coin showers, and laundry located in the hook up area.  Campfires are not allowed in the Mono Village Campground, but break out your grill and join the crowd.    

Hiking, Backpacking, Alpine Climbing

Horse Creek Trail leads out of the south side of Mono Village.  This trail boasts a waterfall less than a mile up the trail, and is well maintained for two miles.  Then, it splits with Cattle Creek Trail.  At this junction, continue on Horse Creek to immediately find a lush valley, a pleasant backpacking destination.

After six or seven miles, Horse Creek Trail leads to high alpine terrain and Matterhorn Peak.  Matterhorn Peak is a spectacular seven pitch alpine climb with talus fields, glaciers, and a long decent.

Additionally, the Robinson Creek Trail begins in the east side of Mono Village and heads up out of the campground through meadows and pine forests to Barney Lake, another backpacker’s destination spot.

Cell ~ Wifi

Another hint towards long term stay here is that wifi can be purchased by the hour, day, week, or month.  The closest cell service is a few miles out of Bridgeport on Twin Lakes Road.  Free wifi is available at a large general store a few miles down the road from Mono Village, towards Bridgeport.

 Twin Lakes

The marina beach at Mono Village is a fun scene with beachgoers launching motorized boats in one area, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and inner tubes in another.  Anglers can be seen around the lake, and fishing from boats.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Twin Lakes, Bridgeport has something for everyone, and a summer trip to the Eastern Sierra never disappoints.

6 thoughts on “Twin Lakes, Bridgeport

  1. I just returned from a weeklong backpacking trip that used Twin Lakes resort as our trailhead (there is a $10 parking cost). On a previous trip, we made a big loop down Kerrick Canyon and up Matterhorn Canyon. The gourmet meals at Whoa Nellie Deli are worth mentioning; it’s just off 395 on the Tioga Pass Rd.

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