Butterfly Beach, Montecito


Butterfly Beach is a small, local beach frequented by Santa Barbara and Montecito residents, also available to neighboring high-end hotels and the public.  During the Montecito Mudslides in January, 2018, Butterfly Beach was littered with boulders, home debris, and cars, but the cleanup was so thorough that there is no indication of recent devastation.  Although, being there, one can’t help but to remember the loss suffered by this community during that time.  Butterfly Beach deserves some respect. It is beautiful, intimate, and surrounded by a beautiful neighborhood, dreamy hotels, and resilient, laid-back Santa Barbara locals.

To find this little bit of paradise, exit Olive Mill Road and turn towards the ocean where the road becomes Channel Drive at one of the most beautiful hotels you have ever seen.  Drive along this  ocean-front road to find street parking and use stairs to access the beach.  Note that there are no services at this beach, i.e. no bathrooms or lifeguards. At times, the tide is high and very little sand remains, however, the waves trend towards very small, perfect for dogs, small children, and aspiring boogie-boarders.



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