Ventura’s Old Pacific Coast Highway


Beach spots along the Old Pacific Coast Highway are scenic and allow access to the sand and sea.  Beach access starts with the first beach exit after leaving downtown Ventura.  This stretch of old highway serves as a frontage road, running parallel to Highway 101, north of Ventura proper.

Parts of the old Pacific Coast Highway are day-use, while other stretches are designated overnight camping along the roadway.  For example, Ventura’s Rincon Parkway is an RV “Campground”, requiring a fee to use a spot overnight.  Solimar Beach and Mondos Beach are free, day-use areas, stretching along the Pacific Ocean below the Amtrak Surfliner train tracks running parallel to the highway.  Faria Beach Campground and Hobson Beach Campground are small campgrounds requiring a fee and, also, right along the train tracks and highway.

Our favorite way to use these areas is in off-peak season, when crowds are down and the cool weather of fall and winter call for a close look at the ocean.  In these months, we appreciate the beauty and sit in anticipation of summer days when a jump in the water is mandatory.



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