Yosemite Valley

To visit Yosemite Valley in the fall is a chance to experience Yosemite National Park without crowds of people drawn to the area each summer. However, in fall, the air is cool, the days are short, and Santa Ana winds with fire danger, a possibility. But, the beauty is unique to the season. Trees throughout the Park turn gold and red, while leaves quietly falling during this foliage season.

The Valley feels all-over calm, the roads are quiet, and the rock seems as large as ever. This month, Alex Honnold’s mom was spotted at various eateries in the Valley as her son, with Tommy Caldwell, climbed the famously large monolith, El Capitan. This rock, standing over 3000 feet tall, aside Half Dome Rock, and waterfalls cascading as many feet, make Yosemite Valley, filled with groves of giant Sequoia trees, and vast meadows, a bucket lister for any season.

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