Joshua Tree National Park

Snow in Joshua Tree National Park is a rare event. This year, the Christmas New Year season brought an unusual inland snow storm, creating a winter wonderland in the high deserts of Southern California, including Joshua Tree National Park. The park is as high as 4,400 feet in elevation in some places, and averages less than five inches of rainfall a year. A lightweight dusting of powdered sugar across the landscape, snow piled on rocks, like a spread of vanilla cupcake frosting.

Road Food

Hadley Fruit Orchards is a classic road food stop on the drive from Los Angeles to Southern California desert destinations, like Palm Springs and Joshua Tree National Park. Open in 1931, Hadley’s, known for their Date Shake and their Banana Date variation, includes a specialty foods grocery and a small sandwich counter. Their original location was a neat, old, wooden building, springing to mind that they may have been there since 1931, and that the building was a part of the original orchard, but don’t quote me on that.

Today, they are in a newly constructed building a short distance down the highway in Cabazon. To preserve the feeling of the original Hadley’s, photos of the original location are on the shake cups, and the new location is organized in exactly the same way as the original. Truly, to have a date shake is to remember years past, as many of us remember stopping at Hadley’s for a shake with our grandparents on family road trips to the desert.

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